You Can Change the Future

You can't change the past. You can change the future but only in the present moment, right now, this very instant. Instead, people are consumed by death. Death isn't the problem, nor are mass murders, genocides, and whatnot. The problem is how dead we live.

It's how you frame it. Original art by author.

All of the violence in the world, the murders, yeah, that's horrible, so why don't you just let it go instead of relitigating it? When you relitigate you're pouring energy into an an outcome that already happened. You're keeping negative energy alive in hopes of what exactly? Letting it go? Then make your peace and move forward, be more ruthless in calculating what you will and will not tolerate.

I have zero patience for willful ignorance, the uncurious types who skim along the surface because when adversity rises up, they check out. And then they'll continue to check out and scapegoat.

I hate scapegoaters like nothing else because they are uncurious. It's like the greatest command is blame your neighbors. They never stop. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity grew from the same root, slightly different interpretations of the Bible, God, and spirituality. What they have in common is they obsess over murders of significant people by scapegoating, retaliating, and relitigating.

Here's the thing nobody tells you about trauma of any kind: it's stored in your DNA and transferred every other generation. The shitty feelings your grandparent felt from those who hurt them are your shitty feelings that got reinforced by your parents as you grew up. Your parents suffered from your grandparents only to find out that their kids — you — remind them of their parents.

So who do you turn to in your darkest, mindfucked moments? God. And what do you do when God doesn't intervene? Call it God's will and go do whatever your trauma-induced pain tells you to do?

Here's the thing I hate about religion and science: neither can come right out and say that we humans are quantum physicists. All things are possible right up until the moment that you decide what you want to experience in life regardless of any other consideration.

Regardless of any other consideration, the choice is always yours. You can choose to retaliate, wear your grudge for as long as you want, grip it to the gruesome end, or you can choose to just to let it go, let it drop like a stone in the ocean, a cold and fated anchor no longer tied to your soul.

Justice doesn't exist without forgiveness. Wanting justice, begging for justice, going to court for justice is exactly like murdering for salvation, bombing for peace, quitting to win — you're choosing all over again to pour your energy into negative outcomes and expecting something positive to come from it.

Here's what nobody tells you: you'll never have justice or closure from a court of law nor any external institution. If you want to hold someone accountable, fine, by all means sue them, but before you do that you have to practice forgiveness, meaning the moment you let another person's actions make you feel shitty is the  exact  moment you must let it go, put it out of your mind, swipe left. That takes a huge amount of self-control if all you've done is relitigate past wrongs. Your inner lawyer bills by the moment and you'll pay with wasted opportunities. I recently fired mine.

All things are possible right up until the moment that you decide what you want to experience in life regardless of any other consideration.

The number one source of trauma is family. This scales outward and upward to include all institutions and their modalities. All modalities have residual trauma that informs their operating principles. All of them, without exception, are rooted in trauma and response to trauma. Judaism, Islam, Christianity are rooted in trauma and their responses to said trauma. This is well-documented throughout the Bible.

All things are possible right up until the moment that you decide what you want to experience in life regardless of any other consideration. This is the Gospel According to Jesus. Miracles? Quantum physics. Prayer? Quantum physics. Believing? Quantum physics. Love? Quantum physics. Murder? Quantum physics. Scapegoating? Quantum physics. Theology? Quantum physics. Forgiveness? Quantum physics.

It's all quantum physics. Quantum physics (God) is inviolable, everyone physically manifests (reaps) what they decided (sown) regardless of any other consideration. All things are possible. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the inspiring, the downers, the destructive — all things are possible right up until the moment that you decide what you want to experience in life regardless of any other consideration.

Here's what everyone should understand: Christianity is a quantum state based on the murder of Jesus. Jesus (God, Buddha, Mohamed) is whoever you want him to be, not what the religious authorities say because they're interested only in their brand of social, economic, and political control. When you believe outsourced beliefs they instantly physically manifest in your body, which instantly changes your perspectives about everything else.

We witness this process throughout the Bible in every day interactions with other people. Everyone is telling everybody every single waking moment who they are, what they believe, but nobody ever tells us why they believe what they do.

They don't because they can't. They can't because it's encoded in every cell in the body. Jesus was telling people that they didn't need religious authorities because then they would be subject to the beliefs of religious authorities who manipulate them for social, economic, and political control. The entirety of Matthew 23 sums it up; it's what got Jesus killed. He knew it would and went ahead with his epic rant anyways.

The cycle continues to repeat itself because of trauma and responses to it. 1,400 years after Jesus's death, religious authority began to crack all over again because of false power of money. Once again, murder and widespread violence erupted and continues to this very day. Protesters of the Catholic church became the Protestant denominations. Islam split into Sunnis and Shias.

Both religions split along similar lines, with Catholics and Islamic Shias bending towards theocracy, and Protestants and Islamic Sunnis leaning more towards spirituality. Murder of prominent religious leaders precipitated widespread violence that continues to ebb and flow over a thousand years later.

The weird thing about Islam is that the Shias hate Christianity because of the Apostle Paul who is generally seen as having falsified the gospels and corrupted Christianity, distancing it from its monotheistic origins. Paul is seen as an agent of conspiracy against Islam.

So, you've got one external, inter-relational belief system pitted against another external, inter-relational belief system. When people individually or collectively adopt external belief systems, they will invariably suffer because they're giving up their power and cannot help but physically manifest the external belief system's decisions.

Still, all things are eternally possible, including no longer wanting to be the lesser version of yourself and others that you learned. The negative quantum states can be replaced with positive states by virtue of believing, regardless of any other consideration. Your mind will be renewed and you no longer will fall into the temptation to express negative energy towards self and others.

You will no longer be afraid, nor will you be tossed by the wind and storms. You will no longer doubt nor second guess. You will know and stand strong in face of the fiercest attacks that false power can muster — you will watch them fall away.

It's how you frame it. Original art by author.

It's how you frame it. Original art by author.