God, Mammon, Quantum States

By merely believing marketing messages we enter into the quantum state of that marketing which alters our perceptions of ourselves, and thus we physically manifest according to that quantum state.

The reason one cannot serve both "God" (spirituality) and Mammon (false spirituality/money) is because only spirituality can alter the quantum state known as God. Serving money creates lack, inequality, and is an extreme perversion/corruption of the greatest to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Love alters the quantum states that we are saturated in. Altering the invisible has a visible impact known as miracles. Each person is capable of doing equal and greater miracles than Jesus.

"God" merely describes the human superhero power to alter quantum states that in turn alter physical states. When one is in the quantum state called "the Kingdom of God" one is completely aware of their quantum power to alter physical states. These are known as miracles. In order to enter this state one must believe that one can. This is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, of every humans existence, especially in technologically advanced countries for we are repeatedly told by external sources how much we need whatever it is that they're marketing in order to achieve or receive what we are already capable of.

By merely believing marketing messages we enter into the quantum state of that marketing which alters our perceptions of ourselves, and thus we physically manifest according to that quantum state. This transaction is known as "sow and reap". Every single person manifests their quantum state of belief.

Our superhero power of belief that alters quantum states is the default of every human. Disbelieving this alters one's perception of self and thereby dis-empowers one's default ability to engage the physical world from a quantum state; one will continuously manifest this quantum state. In short, one is blinded by their disbelief.

In a continuous state of disbelief, one grows weaker until they bottom out. One cannot recover or escape this quantum state except by the words spoken from another human.

To view Jesus from a dis-empowered quantum state known as religion is to not recognize one's default power. It's a testament to Christianity's marketing that is merely a continuation of the Phariseean model of misery and its attendant physical manifestations that Jesus called "hell".

To view Jesus as embodying the default quantum state of belief to alter quantum states and thus physically manifest it is to alter your own quantum state of what's possible/probable, and most importantly the expression of that power is done by speaking! The heart and soul of quantum physics is speaking; words come out of my mouth according to my current quantum state, alter my quantum state and physically manifests. When we read we hear words as being spoken.When we believe what we read or hear with our hearts we alter our quantum state and physically manifest what our heart/body believes.

This subtle intrapersonal experience is our kingdom of God spiritual quantum state. It's quiet in here, it's calm, there's nothing wrong in here either. It's external belief systems that one needs to to be extremely wary of. In Matthew 23 Jesus describes the Phariseean quantum state and its organic physical manifestation. His devastating take down applies to all organized beliefs that dis-empower people in order to profit from the misery that they intentionally inflict regardless of the organization be it religious, legal, or political/government. It's a doozy! Organized belief systems always physically manifest their organizing quantum states. Pharisees and its contemporary iteration known as Christianity are organized on obedience to man-made laws. The US legal system originates from that model. Obey or else.

The Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict is organized on religion and conflict but both are overcooked quantum states with several thousand years expiration dates that overcook quantum states all over again. Sow and reap.

No one should ever confuse the intrapersonal quantum state known as spirituality with the external quantum state of misery known as religion, but many do, including that center. "Spirituality Without Religion" perfectly describes Jesus but the center promotes the quantum state that religion leads to spirituality to induce belief that one cannot be spiritual without religion.

Phrasing dis-empowering quantum states of disbelief in the form of a question dis-empowers because it introduces doubt which is a polite term for disbelief.

My quantum state differs from yours, so don't you dare impose your quantum state onto me and others.

The cure for believing religion's pernicious brand of misery is to love one's neighbor as one's self. Love epitomizes quantum physics because one must give that quantum state in order to have it.