The Whole Point

Skip resolutions, just promise to be the best version of yourself.

The smallest things are what makes life worth living.

The whole point of “love your neighbor” is to help others be the best version of their selves. Doing so enables you to be the best version of you. Understanding how your epigenetic beliefs works helps you overcome their built-in limitations.

Christianity is one of the most powerful negative epigenetic expressions ever, as our understanding of spirituality is corrupted by its epigenetic iterations. My scrivenings reveal the epigenetic expressions of religion. Doing so and having done so on my own epigenetics expressions of Christian beliefs has revealed how powerful we each are.

Believing in God doesn’t create the best version of who God created you to be (Parable of the talents and maybe all parables are how to be the best version of you. Your opinion of me doesn’t, nor should it, change my opinion (esteem) of myself.

Believing Christianity’s disempowering message about how God supposedly sees me as defective and yet loves me enough to allow his own son to suffer!?

Fuck that.

Why not believe that you can be the best version of you, who you know in your heart yourself to be? It’s easy, takes no effort to be the worst version of you; nobody is ever happy being and doing that.

To be the best version of you requires that you put in the effort to be all that you are. You have to put in the work.

The best place to start is by removing the epigenetic limitations that Christianity places on those who believe its message.

Specifically the message that God loves you, that Jesus died for you, that you must obey the rules that self-appointed people place on you. None of those will ever comes close to the power endowed in each human to love.

Eleven religions, including Christianity, promote that love enables others to be the best version of theirselves which allows you to be the best version of you. When Jesus says that the greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself, he was quoting Leviticus 19:9-18. Take care of other people as if you are taking care of yourself because that’s actually what you’re doing.

eleven religions stress the importance of kindness.

Jesus was the best version of himself. If you want to call him the Son of God then he was the best version of God. How did he do that? By loving people. He didn’t hang out with the elite. He hung out with the least, with those whom the elite had repeatedly oppressed for thousands of years.

This epigenetic iteration of oppression in the guise of religion continues unabated to such a high degree of fidelity to its origins (epigenetics) that it encompasses every facet of American and European social, cultural, and political structure.

Understanding how/what your epigenetic beliefs work/are allows you to be the best version of yourself. Did you ever notice that being the worst version of yourself brings out the worst in others? That they shy away from you just as you shied away from those who bring out the worst in you?

That’s epigenetics in a nutshell.

Putting in the work to overcome the worst versions of yourself ultimately means being kind to self and others. You’ll see yourself in a new light. You’ll see your religion in a new light as well whether you believe in God or or not. That never was the issue. It’s always about whether you believe in you to the point of being the best version of you.

The smallest things are what makes life worth living.

The smallest things are what makes life worth living.