About Peter Bockenthien

Peter is a gifted, extemporaneous speaker, teacher, and natural funny guy with a witty self-deprecating style of humor that unites people and makes them feel good at the same time.

A polymath from birth, Peter's curiosity knows no bounds. Growing up hearing-imapired, and then becoming deaf at age 21, transformed him into an all-out autodidact. He learned how to heal his iatrogenic injuries using organic foods. He taught himself how to use computers, made a career in graphic design, and with his raven-like mind for solving puzzles, Peter channeled his energy to discover how beliefs work.

Espousing the value of understanding how beliefs work to family, friends of family, and strangers alike has proved to be the best antidote to the tsunami of anti-intellectualism, particularly in academia and religion. The Bible and other religious texts are not mystical at all, but rather description of how quantum physics works: love.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Einstein as he grappled with quantum physics. When you believe the wrong things about yourself, you believe the wrong things about everything else, and you act in strict accordance to that misbelief.

Knowing how beliefs work will help you overcome epigenetic fears, especially those who suffer from PTSD and CPTSD.