Original Epigenetics

You’ve heard of this as original sin. Same thing.

From cell to consciousness.

In this interview, the discoverer of The Biology of Belief (epigenetics) explains how it works.

I met Dr. Bruce Lipton 3 years ago at a medical conference, literally ran right into him. He didn't hear me coming because, like me, he's completely deaf in one ear.

I got to share with him the rational statement of how beliefs work He was filled with joy, and even more so when I told him that I developed it years before I read his book or knew anything about epigenetics.

It’s been close to 30 years when Dr. Lipton discovered that beliefs are biological and we control (epi) the expression of our genes by whatever we believe. This interview is an accurate articulation of how beliefs work biologically.

Here are pertinent highlights:

  • In summary, what I was actually teaching future doctors is that genes are controlling their lives, we cannot change the genes. That leaves us with an unfortunate conclusion: We are victims of our heredity. So, we are powerless in controlling our biology, because the genes control it by turning on and off, and we have no control over them.
  • What would you do if you were powerless? The answer is: You have to find a rescuer. Therefore, you give up power over your life—because you believe you have no power—and hand it to someone who is recognized as a rescuer. A medical doctor, a pharmaceutical agency, or whatever it is, will take care of us. That is what we are teaching.
  • Instead of just human cells, we cannot survive without our microbiome. …we are skin-covered Petri dishes inside of which are 50 trillion-plus cells. Inside the body is the original culture medium called blood.
  • Basically, our perception changes the chemistry of our blood.
  • The placebo effect:
    What healed you? Well, obviously not the sugar pill. It was your perception and beliefs about the sugar pill that healed you.
  • The nocebo effect:
    A negative belief is equally powerful in shaping our biology and our genetics. It works in the opposite direction of a positive belief. A negative belief can result in any illness and even cause us to die. Just a belief. It can because that belief is translated in chemistry that will not support our vitality.
  • Your genes are controlled by your environment, and more specifically your perception of the environment." This allows dynamic control of your biology. If genes controlled your life, your fate would be determined regardless of what was happening in the environment
  • Epigenetics changes the entire game, because it says that genetic expression is directly due to the environment and our perception of the environment.
  • We are capable of changing the environment we live in and we are capable of changing our perceptions. Therefore, we are not victims, but we are actually masters of our genetic activity.
  • The conscious and subconscious minds are interdependent. They work together, but they have different functions. The subconscious mind is the primal mind and constitutes about 90% of our brain. The subconscious mind is habitual.
  • Consciousness is creative, and subconscious is habitual.
  • The conscious mind is creative. I can imagine things and I can do all these things, but the conscious mind cannot work if there is no program in the subconscious mind.
  • Observing our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, and our communities in the first 7 years is how we acquire the behaviors to become a member of the family and a member of community. These behaviors do not reflect our wishes and desires; they are just copied from other people.
  • (Note: observation affects reality is a quantum principle.)

  • Of the subconscious behaviors acquired before age 7, the vast majority—70% or more—are programs of limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage. These programs were acquired from other people, not from ourselves.
  • Less than 1% of disease is associated with genetics. Over 90% of disease is a total reflection of environment and especially our programming: the disempowering, self-sabotaging behaviors that we acquired in the first 7 years.

My rational axiom gives you a condensed and yet highly accurate explanation for the biological basis of belief. Original Sin is actually original negative belief. Obeying laws doesn't support life, it merely manifests more of the same. It takes no creativity to obey, just a subconscious zombie-like behavior that manifests more of the same epigenetic iterations of misery.

When Eve believed she wasn't like God she felt naked and afraid. Her belief caused her perception to change and the mind naturally created the biology aligned with her belief. What God said after that was merely logical: you believed a lie, so a lie you will manifest.

That’s the power of belief. Jesus facilitated miracles by shifting people’s perceptions and suddenly they were healed.

In order to exert control and push back against Protesters, the Catholic Church declared that only Jesus was capable of miracles by being morally virtuous. That's contradicted by Jesus himself in Mark 11, and again in Matthew 8:5-13. Now we have proof outside of the Bible that being made in God's image means we have incredible power to manifest love or fear. Jesus and 10 other religious texts strongly suggest that you choose love by treating people with kindness regardless of circumstances.

This is why I say Christianity is a Fraud. This is why Jesus railed against the Pharisee mindset that manifested hell; his words, not mine. This is why Jesus said, “All things are possible for him who believes.” All things, not just the good things. Whatever you believe, you become.

Original Sin is believing the wrong things about yourself which instantly causes you to believe the wrong things about everything.

Being made in God’s image means that you are powerful beyond measure. Believing otherwise is the root of all misery and evil that a simple “conversion” to Christianity cannot and will not save you from epigenetics.

From cell to consciousness.

From cell to consciousness.