Bad Friday

Good Friday should be known as ‘Bad Friday’. Just goes to show how successful the coverup of the murder of an innocent man continues to be.

The crucifixion of the Chocolate Easter Bunny. Original digital illustration by the author.

The "real" world is only .35% of the known Universe. The other 99.65% is invisible. Large scale theoretical physics uses math to describe how they think things work, and in the process found that math doesn't apply to quantum physics. Einstein struggled with this mightily until he realized that we humans are each a quantum state and our thoughts and actions influence it. Lipton (“The Biology of Belief”)discovered that the source of all quantum energy is stored in DNA and transferred genetically every other generations via the grandmother's pregnancy.

The oldest genetic/quantum belief is a belief in God. All ways of thinking (modalities) are rooted in epigenetics (Lipton, 1995) and are explicitly fear-based because only fear changes the expression of DNA, not the DNA itself. Calling people delusional is rooted in fear-based beliefs that alters one's quantum state. If one believes they are delusional, they manifest it. If one doesn't believe they are delusional, they manifest that, it doesn't alter their quantum state. You're right to label faith as delusional because Christians don't even know the definition of faith which is “Now faith is the realization of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 This verse describes, in part, how quantum physics works. So in your view it's delusional, but in my view of knowing how beliefs work, it's simple quantum physics as determined by DNA-based beliefs.

Christianity has always been a performative merit-based perpetuation of the original fear found in Genesis 3: perform this action in order to achieve/receive what you already are/have. But, because beliefs are stored in DNA and transferred genetically, fear is also transferred. Fear is the negative quantum state that alters one's perception of reality. Quantum physic experiments have shown that observation affects reality and Lipton shows that beliefs determines what one expects to observe.

What you wrote mirrors my experience with Christianity. Going to Church to socialize is a very healthy thing to do. I miss it and can't do it anymore because when I became deaf and had to learn how to walk, talk, and read again, my family and a few church elders abandoned me for not having enough faith. Oh the shame that I brought upon for myself for injuries caused by western medicine because I didn't have enough faith.

Evangelicals promote obedience above all else, believing that obedience produces morality when in fact morality — how you treat others — is never a result of obedience. But, because one believes obedience is a good thing, that belief is self-reinforced. That beliefs self-reinforce instantaneously creating feelings, thoughts, and actions are the reason why what you were taught and believed about Christianity bears no resemblance to the power of love as expressed by Jesus.

You were told that because Eve disobeyed that the rest of humanity are sinners. You were told that sins were moral failures. You were told that Jesus died for your sins. You were told that his murder was necessary. You were told about Salvation. Because you believed everything you were told you are enslaved by your beliefs because they cause you to think that everything you believe is true, and to believe that everything you think is true. Thus you have become blinded by your beliefs, love has been replaced by obedience. You will remain incognizant of the power of love until you obey the greatest command.

When you do love your neighbor as yourself, even if it's just a momentary experience, you might realize that you must first give love in order to have it. You don't have it until you give it.

It works that way because we all live in a quantum state created by our beliefs. Whatever we manifest is because our beliefs. This Karl Barth story epitomizes Barth's beliefs and so he lived and died by it. The every day scandals you read about such as this one? Also created by beliefs. Whatever you believe, you will manifest regardless if the thing believed is true or false.

Jesus died for your moral failings? No, he was murdered for demonstrating the power of love as being greater than obedience to man made laws, especially if those laws, codes, and doctrines were created by people claiming religion, God, theology and whatnot as justification. Jesus called them out on their grifting bullshit and was murdered not by the Romans, but by the religious leaders of his own people.

No greater faith did Jesus ever witness than by that of a gay, murderous Roman military officer. Everything that Jesus did defied physics and religion. He walked on water, he raised the dead, he healed the blind, he facilitated miracles every waking moment, and then told anyone who could listen that they would do these and greater works than Jesus did.

Were you taught that in Sunday school? In church? In Seminary? Or were you told those powers belonged only to Jesus.

If you're feeling out of sorts with your Christianity, if you feel like something is amiss, all you have to do is ask and you will receive. Ask what you're missing. Ask for a greater understanding. Ask just for yourself because everybody else is going through their own quantum challenges.

Ask it aloud because that's how quantum mechanics, also known as love, begins to operate.

I accepted Jesus at age 16 to escape the loveless, soul-killing dynamics of my parents and siblings. Five years later the wife of the man who walked me through the brand standards known as Jesus the Savior told me that the reasons I was deaf was because I didn't have enough faith. It took me 30 years to realize not how wrong she was, but to let it go.

Before I became the highest version of myself — Peter the Great — I had to let go of the wrongs done to me that weighed me down all those years. This was a most difficult task because it was family members and professionals trained to take care of my body.

Let it go, let it all go. Every last bit of the intrapersonal shitshow you've become and mask in public because you believed what others told you, let it go. Whenever your PTSD feelings, thoughts, and actions come up, let it go. If that means you have to cry, shout a hundred times a day, do it. Let it go. The moment you start to feel bad about yourself, stop and let it go.

The wrongs done to you have power because they are genetic and greatly influence your quantum states. What Lipton discovered is that ‘something else’ also transferred genetically, and that is you can overcome your family history of quantum states by merely believing you can. Lipton presents several experiments that back that up.

The power of belief is so powerful that if you doubt that your beliefs are powerful, then you return to your lower quantum state of doubt and will continue to manifest doubt, and continue to hurt others as you have been hurt.

Just let all of that go. You don't need to know how any of that stuff works, just let it go.

Jesus was okay with be killed because to resist it meant giving up his powers to a bunch of crazy politicians hell-bent on demanding obedience to their brand. That continues to this very day in the form of the legal system. Those who obey the legal system still do not know what they are actually doing, still remain blind to the power of love to positively influence other people, still insist that obedience to laws is a personal responsibility, and still reject no laws are required when one merely treats others the way one would like to be treated. (Matt. 25:31-40)

Let it go. Give away the stone
Let the waters kiss and transmutate
These leaden grudges into gold.

The crucifixion of the Chocolate Easter Bunny. Original digital illustration by the author.

The crucifixion of the Chocolate Easter Bunny. Original digital illustration by the author.