The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

To be born again/anew means to move past your epigenetic speech-thought patterns. One moves from the epigenetic “I want” to the quantum state of “Let there be light”.

Of course you would never believe anything that a lying lizard says, but others told you to do that very thing.

The origin of fear and its various coverups.

In his seminal book, “The Biology of Belief” Dr. Bruce Lipton describes the journey that led to the discovery of the origin of beliefs and how they are passed down genetically. Thus we now know that every human is born with beliefs that predate their existence by hundreds and thousands of years (epigenetics). Lifelong patterns perpetuate well after death, making the past an excellent predictor of the future. Every feeling and thought you've ever had in response to your environment are virtually identical to what one or more of your grandparents felt in similar situations. This is known as trauma, the generational pattern manifests as PTSD, and the Bible mentions it as ‘sins of the father’. “The Body Keeps The Score” describes this in psychology terms.

In order to comes to grips with lifelong PTSD, I sat down to journal about my struggles. In the process of doing so I soon realized that I was investigating how beliefs work because it was obvious to me that my beliefs dictated what would trigger my PTSD. No amount of insight, no well-meaning tactic espoused by others could stop my PTSD from triggering, not even Jesus.

After 7 years of running into a wall, it occurred to me that the wall was a major clue as to how beliefs work. And thus I developed the world's only known rational statement of how beliefs work:

Beliefs agnostically self-reinforce instantaneously creating feelings, thoughts, and actions in that order that create even more self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Beliefs cause you think that everything you believe is true, and believe that everything you think is true. Those lifelong feeling+thought+action patterns are biological. The ‘epi’ in epigenetics means you have control over your genetic expressions. For me, it was not enough to believe that I had control. I need a rational statement that would circumvent the very self-reinforcements (the wall) that kept blocking me from realizing that I had control.

Anything that makes me feel bad about myself is not worth giving my time and energy to. PTSD circumvents that rational regulator, but being aware of how I'm feeling helps makes me aware of that power that I have at my disposal by merely believing that I do.

External belief systems are designed to introduce doubt (disbelief). We read it in Genesis 3:4-5. “Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Every person who has ever bothered to interpret the first 3 chapters of Genesis without knowing the critical role that beliefs plays always interprets it from the perspective of an external belief system. The conclusions ignore the most important part of this story by virtue of all of the well-practiced self-reinforcements that the externally-sourced beliefs create and perpetuate.

All ways of thinking (modalities) are rooted into the first 3 chapters of Genesis. Don't believe me? Then not only does your disbelief self-reinforce, but it‘s evidence that your grandparents wouldn't believe it either. That's a biological fact supported by the rational statement. Understanding the origin of fear and how beliefs work are the cornerstones for everything I write.

Not coincidentally, they were also the basis for everything that Jesus did.

In Genesis 2:17 we read, ”but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

I find it odd that God would mention good, evil, and consuming fruit would result in death. What was Adam and Eve's literal and figurative frame of reference for this?

Eve believes that she is not like God, so she eats the fruit and immediately feels naked and afraid.

Here you have God warning Adam and Eve to not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or one will die. And yet when Eve eats it she didn't die, so it must've been a death of a different kind.

God senses a disturbance in the energy fields and returns to Eve's awareness of what has just transpired. God asks, “Where are you?” and “Who told you that you are naked?”

These two questions point to the root power of belief and that beliefs are what ‘created in God's image/likeness’ means. For thousands of years these two questions have been so thoroughly polluted by those who seek physical control that people remain blind to the power of belief.

You physically manifest whatever you believe. Beliefs are so powerful that they create heaven or hell on Earth. You choose. But before you choose, your most likely response was already determined by several generations of grandparents.

Genesis 3 perpetuates the world's oldest and most successful business model: perform an action in order to achieve/receive what you already are/have.

Evangelical Christians have always told us that Eve disobeyed God, but if you read Genesis without externally-sourced biases, you'd see that the mistake that Eve made was believing what an external source told her. We have the world's oldest business model coupled with the first documented gaslighting: you are not like God.

It was Eve's belief that she wasn't like God that caused her to act. The act itself can be called disobedience, but it was symptomatic of her belief in the lie. All lies must have a kernel of truth in order to induce belief. Eve believed she wasn't like God, eat the fruit and she will be.

Her belief resulted in a shift in her quantum energy field. She felt naked and afraid. Her body-mind got shot full of fear. She hid herself. She lost her power by believing a lie.

When you believe the wrong things about yourself, you're believing what external belief systems are telling you, and you physically manifest that regardless of any other consideration. You hurt yourself, you hurt others, which results in more hurt to self and others, which modifies the expression of DNA-beliefs, which is transferred genetically. Over thousands of years fear becomes so thoroughly institutionalized in various modalities and their manifestations that correction is impossible.

Pharisees zealously guarded the institutionalized grift by creating so many laws they demanded obedience to that their people were oppressed and the oppression blinded the Pharisees to the very conditions that made Roman occupation possible. In response, the Pharisees doubled-down on obedience to laws, certain that disobedience was the root cause.

At a young age Jesus recognizes the root cause: institutionalized belief in the wrong things about one's self which causes one to have wrong beliefs and the associated genetic feelings, thoughts, and actions about everything else.

Just as it was then is also true now, people subjected to the self-reinforcements of external belief systems (institutionalized fear) and all of its physical manifestations in the form of angry Pharisee zealots, murderous foreigners and their weapons, cries of agony of people hanging from crosses, all of this weight smashing into the body-temples to create more of the same self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions—and what do the religious leaders do?

They double-down, again by insisting that obedience is the answer. Then: obey their laws or else. Now: accept Jesus as your Savior or else.

Addressing symptoms never works but it highly profitable, so they stick to their institutionalized script that God is in charge, that if you obey the laws of God as they the religious authorities tell it, then we wouldn't even be in this hot mess! Take back Jerusalem! Make Jerusalem Great Again!

All the while people clung to the hope that a Messiah would come rescue them. A mighty strong Messiah who would kick Roman booty out of their holy city. For hundreds of years their culture slowly corrupted from within, by the roots. All they saw were the physical manifestations of fear and they passed that down genetically. Unsurprisingly this resulted more of the same fruits. When the Messiah did appear they were unable to recognize it due to their epigenetic beliefs that had thoroughly destroyed their own body-temple.

Suddenly, people begin to hear of miraculous happenings. At a wedding, water was turned into the best wine. A royal official hears about this and pleads with Jesus to go to his house to heal his son. The official believes and his son is healed remotely. A man with an unclean spirit recognizes the quantum power within Jesus who then removes the unclean spirit. Astonished witnesses remark that even unclean spirits (PTSD) obey Jesus.

The word ‘obey’ was their frame of reference. They didn't understand the principle that Jesus operated from. They saw it in term of the merit-based power structure that formed the basis of the culture that repeatedly failed them. Their religious leaders prayed in public just to be seen and heard only, but Jesus' ‘prayer’ modeled what actual prayer is: he spoke, and he believed.

Jesus spoke, and the royal official believed. Jesus' mother told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do and the water turned into wine. Jesus told the fig tree “Let no one eat fruit from you ever again” and the fig tree died. The Roman Centurion told Jesus to just say the word and his servant would be healed. Jesus spoke and the servant was healed. Jesus told the disciples that miracles were facilitated by speaking and believing, but cautioned against the institutionalized epigenetic doubt that had infected everyone.

All things are possible for him who believes. In quantum physics terms, all things are in a restful state of probability. Something makes events happen, and that something is belief. Beliefs create outcomes whether the belief is positive or negative. Beliefs are your super power, creating heaven or hell on Earth. No belief in God required! No Bible study, no church attendance, no performative acts of any kind, not even prayer!

Jesus was murdered by not only showing the power that each human is born with, but every single one of us can do even greater works (miracles) than Jesus by virtue of merely believing that that's the case.

Eve believed she was not like God and became powerless. That disbelief self-reinforced and perpetuated itself genetically. Her death was self-induced spiritual death. Jesus death was murder.

Evangelical Christianity liberally – puns always intended – borrows from Genesis 3: accept Jesus as your Savior to receive eternal life. When you believe this you disable your God-given power, and that belief self-reinforces exponentially not only in your body-temple, but to your grandchildren.

Who told you that an annual memorial to the murder of an innocent man by his own people is to be called Good Friday?

Who told you that he died for you when in fact it was murder?

Who told you that you had to accept Jesus as your Savior in order to have eternal life?

Why didn't you believe that you are to greater works works than Jesus by the mere fact that all one has to do is say to all of the impossible mountains, ‘be removed and cast into the sea’?

Who told you miracles don't happen any more? The same people that ask for your money. You know them by their fruits.

Of course you would never believe anything that a lying lizard says, but others told you to do that very thing.

Of course you would never believe anything that a lying lizard says, but others told you to do that very thing.