How Religion influences and reinforces beliefs.

This section is based on the self-reinforcements of beliefs, not the beliefs themselves. The focus is on Christianity, not the Bible, God and other theological concepts; those are separate from how beliefs work.

Before you start into these articles, please review the Modalities page, and bear in mind that Religion is all about how to treat your fellow human beings.

Ancient Apocalypse

Religions are ancient beliefs trapped in an ancient culture and its attendant language. Because beliefs perpetually self-reinforce so does the language used to communicate the belief. Geological evidence is shining light on two prominent events in the Bible that are attributed to acts of God.—READ »

Jesus Is Not Coming Back

In the entire history of humanity, laws have never resulted in a change of behavior. Believing that disobedience to laws is the root of their chief problem-the hundreds of years of Roman occupation of Jerusalem-kept the Rabbis and the Jewish people in a corrupted state. The answer was always under their noses, but their wrong beliefs blinded them; they were never able to see that all that was required was to love.—READ »

Why Evangelical Christianity Is A Fraud

Evangelical Christianity rests entirely on the belief that because Eve sinned we all have sinned by virtue of being born. Traditionally, 'sin' is defined as a 'moral failure'. It's actually believing the wrong things about one's self that causes moral failure.—READ »

Symptom vs. Cause

Microbial pathogens do not cause disease. They never have and never will. Toxins and beliefs cause disease by killing microbial pathogens' natural enemies: beneficial microbes.—READ »

The Truth That Sets You Free

There's nothing that needs to be fixed—READ »

How To Treat Sluts

Go ahead then, see if I care. Go on, do it. There’s rocks right here that will do the job. You want the really big rocks, don’t you? Well, they’re over there, all I’ve got are these small rocks, but I’m guessing that they’re the same size as your hearts, and yet bigger than your testicles.—READ »

How To Treat The Hopeless

They knew this man, they'd seen him for years, always horrified by what he had to endure, always wanting to somehow reduce his suffering but for the Rabbis and the Romans. And yet here he was, maybe 100 steps from the man who turned water into wine, who healed an unclean woman when she merely touched him in a crowd, whose followers themselves performed miracles on a daily basis far away from the prying eyes of his fellow Rabbis. If anyone was going to be receive a miracle, it was this man and his wretched son.—READ »

How Miracles Work

Most people — myself included — were taught that miracles were done by Jesus alone. This blatantly ignores Jesus' explanation of how miracles happen. You can say to this mountain 'be removed and cast into the sea' and if you don't doubt in your heart it shall be done for you.—READ »

Heaven or Hell

Being ‘created in God’s image’ means you were born with the same capacity to manifest according to your beliefs. Not a belief in God, but just the capacity to believe. Believe=free will, you are free to believe whatever you like and you will manifest accordingly, no exceptions.—READ »

Science vs. Religion

Galileo’s observation was a direct threat to the Catholic Church’s beliefs. Scientists believed that we knew everything there is to know about the human body. In March 2018 it was revealed that scientists discovered a new organ called the interstitium.—READ »

Love vs. Theology

Microbial pathogens do not cause disease. They never have and never will. Toxins and beliefs cause disease by killing microbial pathogens' natural enemies: beneficial microbes.—READ »

How To Be Sinless

If you believe the wrong things about yourself — as Jewish religious authorities and the Church have perpetuated for thousands of years — you will believe the wrong things about absolutely everything else.—READ »

Transactional Beliefs, pt. 2

When Jesus said one cannot serve God and Mammon (money), he was referring to the transactional nature that his religion had become. Money is not the root of all evil, transactional spirituality is.—READ »

Transactional Beliefs, pt 1

Believing that sin is moral failure traps one into transactional beliefs.—READ »