Why Evangelical Christianity Is A Fraud

What went wrong and how to fix it.

Introduction: Two Keys

First off, the keywords in everything that I write are the same words that used repeatedly: sin, and believe. The key phrase is: everything is truly stated but not a statement of truth. For example, lies are truly stated. Everything in the Bible is truly stated but not a statement of truth.

Secondly, the following article focuses on the fruits, the symptoms, and not the roots as it's not necessary and it's an exhausting, comprehensive explanation of how beliefs work. I include enough of it that rationally justifies both roots and fruits.

I don't identify as a Christian but rather as an objective analyst juxtaposing claims and incongruencies against a rational axiom of how beliefs work.

Born Believing

Evangelical Christianity rests entirely on the belief that because Eve sinned we all have sinned by virtue of being born. Traditionally, 'sin' is defined as a 'moral failure'; Eve's failure was that she ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

To recap Genesis 3, a talking snake tells Eve she is not like God, eat the fruit and she will be. Eve believed, ate the fruit and instantly she felt naked and afraid, so she hides herself.

This is not moral failing, per se, but believing something external to one's sense of self. Eve believed a lie, performed an action, and felt naked and afraid. Ever since theologians and seminaries have repeated this ad nausea that because Eve believed a lie we are born to make the same mistake. The solution: believe in Jesus as your Savior.

Continuing, along comes God asking 2 amazing questions that cut to the heart of matter: where are you and who told you. The all-knowing God is asking Eve why she hid herself. What made her think she can hide? What made Eve think that was a course of action? And then the next question is who told you that you were naked? A talking snake. It lied to Eve.

Why did Eve believe a lie?

Look at it again. The lie: you're not like God, perform this action and you will be. I prefer to state it like this: you're not who you were created as, perform an external action to receive what you already are: created in God's image. Eve was already like God.

Lies always contain a kernel of truth to induce belief. Once something is believed it self-reinforces instantaneously regardless of the thing believed is true or false. The symptom of Eve's moral failing was the action of eating the fruit, the cause of it was believing the wrong things about herself.

Whenever you believe the wrong things about yourself, you will believe the wrong things about everything else; you will feel naked, afraid (fear: false evidence appearing real) and you will hide. See 'Parable of the Talents' for another example.

Thus sin as a 'moral failing' describes the symptoms, not the cause. Sin is believing the wrong the wrongs about yourself, and when you do, you believe the wrong things about everything else.

Confusing symptoms with causes is a misbelief that has infected every way of human thinking organized or not, religious or secular.

Epigenetic Beliefs

There's another component to this that was confirmed by science that is supported by the Bible. Beliefs about external events are passed on intergenerationally via DNA. When you judge stressors in your environment as being negative, that changes the expression of your DNA. That expression is transferred genetically to grandchildren. This the science of 'epigenetics' which means 'control above genetics'. Each of us can rise above epigenetic beliefs, but only if we believe we can.

This link exemplifies traditional thinking about sin. I bring it up because if you redefine sin as believing the wrong things about yourself (cause) then you can begin to see everything anew instead of blaming Adam and Eve as has been done for thousands of years.

Once beliefs are incorporated into a code of conduct, they become transactable and naturally form the basis of a symptom-based meritocracy where obedience to codified beliefs is rewarded, and deviation from the norm is punished. This is 'kill the messenger, ignore the message' that continues to enslave people.

This is exactly where Christianity and religion in general get everything wrong. Obedience to codified beliefs creates wrong beliefs about Self. Because they are external to the Self, they are a false representation of Self/God.

This comparison will help:

A talking snake told Eve she was not like God.
A church member told you that because Eve sinned we all have sinned.
Eat the fruit and you will be like God.
Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.
You lack _____________.
Perform this action to receive what you already have.

The point: everything external to you is marketing, nothing more and nothing less. Believing the wrong things about yourself will be transacted upon. The Church uses this template to cause people to do exactly what Eve did: believe they are not what God created them to be.

Sin and Miracles

This accurate definition of sin — believing the wrong things about yourself — shines a bright light on the life and works of Jesus, particularly miracles where Jesus explicitly states that the only condition is that one believes (Mark 11:23)

Note that Jesus never brought up the idea that you lack anything. Just believe. There is no other requirement, just believe. Does it help if you believe in God? Regularly attend church? Study your Bible? Pray fervently? All of these things are external, performative actions that create misbeliefs.

One miracle that confirms this definition of sin is found in Luke 5:17-26 where Jesus heals a paralytic by telling him his sins are forgiven. The Pharisees present immediately accuse Jesus of blasphemy to which Jesus in turn asks them, "Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Rise and walk’?"

The Pharisees were stuck on their traditions, misbelieving that symptoms equal cause, which in their minds meant that mere obedience to laws creates moral purity. They didn't get the memo from Leviticus 19:9-18 that how you treat your fellow human being is all that matters.

They didn't lift a finger to help the paralytic* because all they had were obedience to the letter of the law, whereas the spirit of the law resolves to that one simple, easy to understand command: love your neighbor. (Side note: the Founding Fathers of America called this 'self-governance'. If you need laws to tell you what the right thing to do is, then you're part of the problem).

*Note: the paralytic had to be lowered through the roof of the house. His friends knew that all they had to do was get their friend in front of Jesus and he would be healed. Word had spread that some ugly dude with an amazing presence was doing miracles wherever he went. They didn't know how, they just knew. Their belief — called faith — is what got Jesus' attention.

The man was paralyzed by his wrong beliefs. As long as you believe that sin is a moral failing — just as that man did — you will be enslaved to those beliefs no matter how hard you pray, no matter how morally virtuous you are, now matter which political party — Pharisee/GOP, Sadducee/Dem — you belong to and support. That's because all of those are merit-based belief systems with thousands of years of heartache.

To this very day people still stumble over this classy trick question: which is easier? For the Rabbis, both were very difficult questions because their focus on their misbeliefs caused them to believe their misbeliefs were correct and Jesus was wrong.

The answer for Jesus was 'both' because by telling the man his wrong beliefs no longer held power over him, he was free to walk away. Whenever I think upon this, I always hear Jesus saying, "Walk, and walk quickly away from these Rabbis because they are so evil that they think I'm the one committing blasphemy. When you get out there, run! And if you ever see these losers again, avoid them at all costs! God bless you."

Are you a Christian? Then your 'walk with Jesus' should daily outrage Conservatives, seminary graduates, and anyone considered to be a religious authority.

You shall know their roots by their fruits. If it doesn't make you feel good about who you are then it's evil because if you are made to feel like children of a lesser God, you can't help but think, and act like one. All that is required by you is to believe. And even if you can't believe, you can always surrender that disbelief and miracles will be done for you anyways (Mark 9:24)

Christ and the Antichrist

Just because it's in the Bible and you're an avowed atheist or a devout believer in one of the hundreds of denominations doesn't mean this miracle doesn't apply to you or doesn't address contemporary issues. It's both.

Jesus publicly humiliated the Pharisees so many times by undercutting their money-making scheme masquerading as religion, healing people for free. He healed the paralytic of his Pharisee-induced trauma and thus the man physically manifested the truth. The way you treat people has a direct impact on everyone's health. The primary act of love is to take care of people, make sure their physical needs are met (Leviticus 19:9-18). The Rabbis and Pharisees treated their own people so poorly that it attracted the Romans who were the larger and more barbaric version of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

The primary attribute of the Antichrist is to treat people so poorly that they commit suicide in record numbers, suffer adverse effects that cause trauma to 6 other people in their immediate circle, who in turn blame those who don't share their misbelief that those 'others' are responsible for their situation. So highly divisive is this misbelief that it manifests as sickness in the blamers who are so blinded by their misbelief that they cannot perceive that the blamed are relatively healthy because they're not the ones blaming them right back. They're actually trying to tell you the truth about the situation we all are in.

That misbelief came straight from the 'tell-a-vision' and has not ceased pushing the lie that you must do this external action in order to receive what you already have. Those that don't are blamed for causing the trauma suffered by those that do.

Those of you who did and will continue to do, did you receive what you were promised? No. You did it again, did that help resolve your situation? Nope. They're going to keep on asking you to do this thing and keep on telling you that those who don't are the cause of your situation.

Those of you who believe that you must perform an external action told to you by someone you've never met in person: you're the paralytic of Capernaum, but you're blaming your friends as they lower you through the roof to be healed for your situation, and the Church is doing absolutely nothing for you. Then as now, policies put forth by those whose sole interest is to profit off of misery comes with its own scapegoat.

Jesus was murdered for cutting into the world's oldest business model. The church does it its own way. Key to their propaganda is that you must kiss the ring in order to have what is already yours.

The power of belief is what you and God have in common. Hence the miracles and the sole requirement for a miracle is that you believe, and not misbelieve (doubt) in your heart. Jesus was killed for helping people for free.

The power of belief is and always has been freely available to you. Free will is powered by your belief. You either believe things external to you, or you believe in the power of your belief which is Love. You reveal your fruits by the way that you treat others. Love helps others. For all the miracles Jesus did, he told people they would do greater works than he did just by believing they could.

The Antichrist is anyone who tells you to perform some action in order to receive something that you already possess. This deception induces belief which creates confusion because you believed a deception. Truths don't require belief; truths set one free from deceptions and heals the body in the process.

Right now, if you choose, walk away from the misbeliefs that keep you stuck in your situation.

How To Fix It

Too bad that Theologians and Seminaries don't have a central repository such as GitHub or Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy to hash out arguments.

As it stands, one can gain a better understanding of the life, words, and works of Jesus by keeping in mind that sin is a wrong belief about one's Self. Isn't it weird that Christianity revolves around a talking snake that lies?

Composite by Peter Bockenthien, Photo by <a href=Jeremy Kuehn, and Photo by Thom Milkovic" class="img-fluid mt-2 mb-2" />

Composite by Peter Bockenthien, Photo by Jeremy Kuehn, and Photo by Thom Milkovic