Science vs. Religion

In my 7 years research and the resulting 4 years of writing about beliefs and how beliefs work, three things always stand out. One, there’s a template for lies that induces belief. Two, everyone manifests according to their beliefs. Three, most beliefs are actually beliefs about beliefs; this is ultimately what makes examining beliefs extremely challenging.

The lie template is deceptively simple. In order for a lie to induce belief, there must be a kernel of truth in it. This template was first introduced in Genesis 3:3. Yep, the ‘Fall of Man’ story. A talking snake tells Eve that if she eats the fruit she was commanded not to eat, she will be like God. The truth is “like God”. The deception: “not”. The statement: “eat the fruit and you will be” like the thing you already are.

It’s human to believe, it’s evil to deceive because it’s human to believe. We are born with beliefs that predate our birth by a minimum of 60 years. In most cases it’s more like 90-240 years depending on the severity of the trauma. More on trauma later.

Beliefs self-reinforce instantly, creating feelings, thoughts and actions that in turn create even more reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions that align with previous iterations. You manifest according to your beliefs. You beliefs create the lens that you perceive through, and the mirror that reflects your perceptions. You manifest according to the sequence described above regardless if the things believed are true or false, black or white, up or down. All that matters is that you believed.

Whenever you believe in something it gets reinforced in your mind and heart instantly and, importantly, continues to self-reinforce your thought patterns. One lie creates an entire universe held together by self-reinforcing beliefs and their attendant thought patterns. This is how one becomes blind to truth.

People self-sabotage from the inside out by believing that everything they think is true - that’s how self-reinforcement works. Once you believe something it instantly reinforces.

And if you don’t believe in something, that too gets self-reinforced. Beliefs are always at work whether you want them to be or not. Beliefs are omnipresent. There has never been a moment in human history when beliefs were not functioning.

Beliefs are like gravity. Gravity keeps you on terra firma, anchored to the ground. Out in space in zero-gravity, gravity is still in play but on a much larger scale and scope, floating massive planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes yet moving at incredible speeds and rotating - everything is in motion yet it feels like everything is still, everything is in the same place.

The prevailing belief for hundreds of years was that everything revolves around the Earth. A cursory glance makes it easy to believe that that is the case. This belief was perpetuated by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years and then Galileo - a Catholic - peered into the heavens using a telescope and realized that Copernicus, a hundred years earlier, and Aristarchus from 1800 years earlier were correct: Everything revolves around the Sun, not the Earth.

Galileo’s observation was a direct threat to the Catholic Church’s beliefs authority over all things. He was brought before the Inquisition panel and recanted every last word in order to avoid being put to death. It was not for 400+ years later that the Catholic Church in 1992 officially accepted that Galileo was correct.

Galileo’s confirmation that the Earth revolved around the Sun created a schism that persists to this very day: people have persistent beliefs about beliefs. People believe that science is all about facts, and that religion is all about beliefs, when in fact everyone HS beliefs regardless of what it is that they believe.

The war between science and religion persists to this day, and will continue until people understand that the most powerful force in the Universe is both gravity and God. Both are invisible, both float the entire cosmos, both are subject to its laws.

Until 1977 scientists believed that no life could exist 1,800 feet below the ocean surface. Then a scientist proved that belief to be incorrect. Now we know that life exists down to the very deepest parts of the ocean, yet only 5% of the ocean has been explored.

Scientists believed that we knew everything there is to know about the human body. In March 2018 it was revealed that scientists discovered a new organ called the interstitium that resides just under our skin, lining our guts, lungs, and urinary organs.

Religion has not changed, nor have our thoughts about religion changed. When you know how beliefs work, you will look at religion-and in my case-the miracles of Jesus in an entirely different way. That’s because Christianity centers around a belief about sin that’s every bit as ‘wrong’ as its belief about the Earth.

We’ve been consistently taught that sin is a moral failure (true) and because a woman believed a talking snake that we each are condemned to repeat her mistake (sin, also true). Sin is indeed a moral failure, but it’s the natural symptom of believing the wrong things about one’s self. What caused Eve to believe a lie? A kernel of truth. In her case, she believed the lie which caused her doubt (feelings), which she erroneously thought (thoughts) she could correct by eating (action) the fruit.

To this day everyone believes that sin is a moral failure when sin is in fact simply believing the wrong things about yourself.

Think about it! If you believe you are like God, then you will think like God, act like God, create like God, and Love like God. Love and morality are mutually exclusive from each other, separated by a chasm so deep and wide that nothing can bridge the gulf between them.

You don’t believe that love and morality are mutually exclusive? Then go back and read the miracles of Jesus and show me which of the 10 Commandments was at play. Every miracle that Jesus performed involved the direct suspension of physical laws - no wonder people were amazed. Every healing was a suspension of physical laws. Walking on water, turning water into wine. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Believes in what? Laws? Salvation? Being morally virtuous?

Look at the miracle that preceded that outrageous statement. The man who had a demon-possessed child suffered for years before he came across Jesus’ disciples and they couldn’t cast it out. The father says “help us if you can” to which Jesus replies “If I can? All things are possible for him who believes.” There is no other qualification for miracles to occur. Anyone who tells you that you have to qualify for a miracle, or whoever places a condition on a miracle, is flat out lying and believes their lies to such a degree that they are blind to the evil that they perpetuate.

Miracles are the most amazing thing ever, yet we rarely witness them because people have ‘beliefs about beliefs’, which is better written as ‘misbeliefs’. Misbeliefs keep people blinded to truths. Misbeliefs cause people to think everything they think is true, and to believe that everything they think is true. Everything is indeed truly stated but are not statements of truth.

To my knowledge I’m the only person who has figured out how beliefs work, but looking at Galileo I assume that I cannot be the only one. It’s a tough nut to crack, and I think Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ comes close, but in the end it took me 3 years to articulate the ‘gravity of beliefs’ so that it can withstand scrutiny that I eagerly anticipate.

I think Philosophers are into their modality so deeply that they will not or cannot accept that beliefs created all modes of thinking (modalities). Theologians are stuck on thousands of years of old thought patterns, too.

I’m sending this to everyone I can think of in hope that they can challenge it.