Beliefs create all modes of thinking. Beliefs are expressions of whatever one experiences or witnesses. Over time beliefs organize into various modalities I call 'belief systems' for rational modalities or 'belief modalities' for religious-centric modalities. Whatever stripe they are, each modality has an organized, articulated set of beliefs upon which believers transact using various forms of social credibility that are merit based.

I routinely take Christianity to the woodshed for no other reason than it's been corrupted for so long now that people don't actually believe the power of belief. Obedience, yes, but beliefs, well what do beliefs have to do with anything?

You'll find out soon enough.

Stop listening to all external sources tell you what to believe.

When Jesus tells people how miracles work — believe — nobody actually believes that it’s that simple — be aware of disbeliefs – doubt – in your heart and let it go. When people read this in the Bible they don’t believe it; maybe that’s because someone at church said that miracles were Jesus way of demonstrating his divinity.

When medical scientists tell you that the placebo effect, aka the belief effect, is far better and far more powerful than medical treatment, people don’t believe it. Guess what? Nothing happens.

When Jesus walks into a leper colony and only 1 leper is healed, it should be obvious that the other lepers didn’t believe.

When Ajla Tomljanovic decided to believe that the cheers for Serena Williams were for her, she won their US Open tennis match. The 2nd ranked player in the world lost the previous match to Serena because she didn’t believe, or got caught up in the pro-Serena crowd’s cheers.


Why did a lower-ranked player win? Why was just 1 leper healed? When 2 people have the same physical ailment and receive identical treatment, why does only one of them have a successful outcome?

I can tell you why, give you a scientific explanation in layperson’s terms, provide you with a rational statement, but if you don’t believe it then don’t tell me I’m wrong. Instead, ask yourself why you don’t believe — I guarantee that it’s because you believed what others said and how they treated you.

No matter what I say, no matter what I do or don’t do, only you can do you. All I can do is give you the tool that unlocks everything, but if you don’t believe it can, then it won’t. It’s not “The Secret” — it explains how “The Secret” works and doesn’t work. It’s not a new religion or science — it explains what those two are. It’s 21 words that rationally describe how beliefs work. Again, if you don’t believe it, then that disbelief is reinforced, proving the rational statement to be truth that you can use to deconstruct or parse various modalities – ways of thinking.

Why you would do that: before philosophy, before religion, before any organization, before anyone’s birth throughout history there was belief.

Thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research, and several experiments (like this one), we know that beliefs are hardwired in DNA, transferred via DNA intergenerationally, and most importantly we control the expression of our DNA.

The ramifications of this are astounding, amazing, exciting and revolutionizes everything. Twenty-one words give you a rational tool by which to examine all ways of thinking, especially yours: you were born with a set of beliefs; the expression of those beliefs were regulated by how you were treated by your parents, family members and grandparents. How you were treated by others reinforced the expression of your beliefs — feelings, thoughts, and actions — which manifested in your body, creating health or compromising your gut microbiome. And it had a negative or positive impact on the those who treated you the way they did.

This self-contained, individual belief system over the course of hundreds of generations became more organized and articulate, resulting in various external modalities that self-reinforced their organizing principles. These collective, organized beliefs became transactional, reinforcing their organizing principles that you the individual are not enough, you need to do something, here’s what we suggest you do.

This became the world’s merit system. It’s thousands of years old and has been self-reinforcing, self-propagating: perform this action to achieve/receive what you already are/have. You see it every time you watch TV in the form of newscast and advertising. It called Marketing.

All modalities use this merit system. It’s the source of corruption, distortion and perverts all who use it. All modalities us it to various degrees, but it’s contemporary Christianity that exploits it most effectively.

Religion isn't what you think it is, nor does it require a belief in God. Religion is a set of code focusing on treating people the way you want to be treated. That's coming next.

In Lay Terms

There's no shortage of people telling you what to think, and it's always implied or intoned that know what they're talking about.

Remember this: everything is truly stated, especially lies, but very few things are a statement of truth:

Beliefs agnostically self-reinforce instantly creating feelings, thoughts, and actions in that order, which creates more self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions.


Because each human is born believing and believes 24/7/365 until death, the role, the undercurrent of beliefs, dis- and mis- beliefs is never questioned individually, nor collectively as a community. Yet it's always the organized belief systems that dominate due to the fact that they're transaction-based, creating the means to get their message to as many people as possible knowing that (a) belief does the work, and (b) the neural network continuously omits salient facts and their associated rational thinking.

There's pushback against the transactional nature of the messaging. People resent paying for the deleterious experience with The Messenger's message of We Are Good and Great For You!©.

'Why do you believe in Marketing?' equals 'Why Do You Believe in God?' God is all marketing. Claiming to be an atheist is like saying you prefer horror movies over gory slash flicks: both feature actors treating people badly. It perverts honest rational conversations about the power of belief and its prominent manifestation: Love.

Regardless if you believe or disbelieve in God, it all boils down to how you make people feel.


Eleven of the world’s religions give guidance on how to be human.

Eleven of the world’s religions give guidance on how to be human.