Symptom vs. Cause, Love vs. Theology

Microbial pathogens do not cause disease. They never have and never will. Toxins cause disease by killing microbial pathogens' natural enemies: beneficial microbes. Nowhere is this clearly illustrated than hospitals ongoing battle with MRSA. Pathogenic microbes thrive and adapt in sterile conditions the same way that weeds thrive and adapt in chemically damaged soil.

There has never been a moment in your life where you did not have microbes on your skin and in your gut. You are 43% human DNA, 57% microbe DNA. When you wrap your mind around that fact and accept it, then you can view disease as being symptoms of unbalanced environments, both external and internal.

That microbe "out there" didn't miraculously get inside you, but the toxins out there most certainly did!

" is now firmly established that without our personal fleet of “friendly” microorganisms — our microbiome — we would not thrive." In fact, without the beneficial E. coli in our gut we would be dead within 24 hours. Surely you don't believe this. Neither did I until I read that seeds are genetically engineered with the bad strain of E. coli ("Organic Manifesto", Maria Rodale). When you read or hear about E. coli infections it's due to the bad E. coli colonizing out of control because no good bacteria and bacteriophages are present to keep it check.

If you read the link above you know that bacteriophages are the most abundant biological agent on this planet. They are viruses that infect specific bacteria for the purpose of devouring bad bacteria. This is crucial evidence that pathogens "out there" do not cause disease, but rather toxins killing your gut causes disease.

Those who mention antibodies, seroprevalence, etc., are ignoring completely that the immune system gets involved only as a last resort by which time injecting toxins is nothing more than the coup de grace. This is a logical conclusion.

Beliefs > Microbes

Dr. Bruce Lipton describes how beliefs are hardwired into DNA before a baby is even conceived in his book "The Biology of Belief". He's spent many years holding workshops to convince people they have control over their DNA. 'Epigenetic' means 'control above DNA', meaning you have control over your human DNA. However, if you don't believe that, then you will manifest accordingly.

If you believe that you have control over your DNA, then logically you have control over your gut microbiome. Since beliefs are stored in your body you are either supporting your gut microbiome, or you're destroying it. Either way, you manifest according to your beliefs.

Most people don't believe they have control over their health. They manifest chronic anxiety, chronic fear, chronic malnutrition due to eating junk food and alcohol — Former college freshman alcoholic writing! — pharmaceutical products of all types (they're all made from petrochemicals), toxic buildings, hazardous household cleaning agents — pathogens love sterility! — personal care products, family and holiday stress (closely related, pun intended), and not the least is the economic and emotional stress caused by lockdowns. If you don't believe this to be the case, then you will remain convinced that the symptoms are caused by things out of your control.