How Beliefs Work and Why You Don’t Believe It

My rational statement describes how beliefs work for everyone. But what it doesn’t do is describe your personal journey.

Her liberation.

The moment you believe something it self-reinforces instantaneously, creating feelings, thoughts, and actions which then create even more of the same. This is the default for every human. Where it differs is the epigenetics you started with and your environments growing up.

The second factor is your education. All modalities began with beliefs that over time became externalized into a set of organized beliefs.

Science is a belief modality based on observation and interpretation of observation. Never mind that only .35% of the known universe is observable.

Religion is a belief modality based on an invisible (quantum) being of which there is no observable proof of having ever existed. But, because of the way that beliefs (quantum) self-reinforce and are passed down genetically, most people believe in God and thereby cocoon themselves in a custom belief modality.

There are 6 major religions, 6 major flavors of Christianity of which there are 45,000 different denominations.

Your beliefs are key identifiers of your family history and determine your quantum state and thus how well you will do in relationships and society.

What you call beliefs is actually the millions of self-reinforcing feelings, thoughts, and actions that keep your quantum state on auto-pilot. You might not be able to articulate your deepest-held beliefs but you know damn well when something goes against those beliefs. You feel it in your body, you articulate it with your emotions, you use the same words you always use, and you act it.

It happens instantaneously. It’s been called many things by different modalities, each one of them accurate within their modality. Most likely you’ve never heard them described as a quantum state.

A quantum state is an expression of energy. Depressed people have low energy. That’s a quantum state. Athletes sometimes get in a quantum state state called the ‘zone’ where everything slows down and they see things differently.

I was reading just the other morning about Nikola Jokić of the basketball team Denver Nuggets. The very first thing new team members are told is “You gotta have your hands ready,” due to Jokić’s incredible passing gift. Jokić can’t describe it, he can only do it. He sees things differently, and over time his teammates have come see the game at Jokić’s level and respond accordingly. His passes are just ridiculous! The NBA created a 30 minute video of his passes.

I’ve always seen the Bible from the lens of our quantum power, our ability to alter another person’s quantum state for better or for worse. The greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself is also the most powerful.

If you identify as Christian, especially of the evangelical flavor, you should read Leviticus 19:9–18 because that’s what Jesus was quoting. He didn’t make it up. He was reminding people to never listen to and do what a religious authority said. Nothing else matters except the practical ways to love your neighbor.

Yeah yeah yeah, you do good and you’ll got to heaven. But heaven is a quantum state that you can physically manifest right here and now. The basics of quantum physics is that everything is in a restful state of probability. Jesus stated this as, “All things are possible for him who believes”.

But because it’s the Bible, and it’s a religious text attributed to a person that everyone calls the Son of God (Jesus never once identified as that) people assume that it applies only to believers in God. Never once does anyone take a second look at the Bible. They never believe that miracles — the primary expression of each human‘s default quantum power — are for everyone. The Biology of Belief tells us why: for better or worse we are continuously re-affirming our epigenetic quantum state.

You just can’t seem to overcome them. You’re stuck in your ways. The same old shit just a different day. You know it, you believe it, there’s no disputing it, so it’s really easy to just say, “Nah, Jesus, God, Willy Wonka ain’t it” and you’re both absolutely right according to your quantum state of doubt, skepticism, and you’re also wrong because all things are possible.

The beauty of quantum physics is that at any instant you can decide to switch to kindness instead of expressing the same old, same old that you feel deep in your bones.

Jesus rejected the Pharisees because obedience enslaves, whereas love liberates. The parables gave people a whole new way of thinking, while the miracles undid the damage wrought by the self-serving, profit-seeking model of the Pharisees.

This model has saturated our thinking for so long — especially in churches where it originated — that we don’t give it a second thought because we can’t. The entire world runs on the false power of money. The illusions it affords blinds most people to their default power to alter everything and everyone around them.

You’re just a number because someone said so. You’re worthless because a social media influencer said so. You’re never going to _____________ because your parents, siblings, spouse, teacher, pastor, lawyer, judge said so.

The moment you believed is the moment you added another self-reinforcing brick in the wall of your heart. At any time you can choose to use your voice and tear down that wall.

Your voice, literally speaking aloud, alters your quantum state (loving yourself). This in turn allows you to perceive accurately, how to Love your neighbors (alter another’s quantum) state using your words and actions.

Her liberation.

Her liberation.