Heaven or Hell

I’ve yet to receive any indication that there’s another human on this planet who understands how extremely politicized science and religion have become. The resulting polarity is so extreme that most haven't noticed the killings began 7 months ago under a different name.

The Science cultists use ‘common good’ to justify it. The Religious Moralists shout ‘immoral!’ to condemn it. The Legalists tighten a few laws here and there while saying ‘our hands are tied’, which of the 3, is the only true statement.

Our solutions were never political, legal, religious or science to begin with. If they were, then Jesus Christ SuperCop would have thrown all of his fellow rabbis in jail, would’ve killed the adulteress on the spot and killed whoever seduced her.

Being ‘created in God’s image’ means you were born with the same capacity to manifest according to your beliefs. Not a belief in God, but just the capacity to believe. Believe=free will, you are free to believe whatever you like and you will manifest accordingly, no exceptions.

By no exceptions I mean just that: no consideration for anything else, not even God. It’s utterly pointless and intellectually lame to argue the existence of God. Your beliefs are mutually exclusive to any other consideration; they are just beliefs.

When you can intellectually and spiritually grasp that beliefs are just beliefs and therefore subject only to beliefs themselves, you're on your way to grasping how your beliefs work. In the process of doing so you’ll be able to dramatically reset your life; the new wine - intellectually grasping your indigenous beliefs - requires a new wineskin: a new way of feeling, thinking, and acting.

It follows then that repentance involves believing the truths about you, instead of believing the falsehoods that epigenetic beliefs chronically foist upon you. For example, when you believe that you were born a sinner, you will feel, think, and act that way. Your church will step in and tell you that you must ask God for forgiveness, but what you’re actually doing is telling God he made a mistake, a mistake that only he can correct via salvation from Jesus? This makes sense only if you believe it does.

That brings us right back to beliefs: if you have wrong beliefs about yourself you will manifest accordingly. So, if you believe you’re a sinner, then logically that means that God made a mistake because in order for anything to be bad it first must have been good!

Personally, I know that each of us was born with an unlimited capacity to believe. The miracles of Jesus backs this up. Contemporary Pharisees will accuse me of blasphemy the same way they accused Jesus. That’s because they do what they’ve always done which is elevate the letter of the law above the spirit of the law. The 10 Commandments is a guide, a marker, that is pointing out what should be obvious: if you love your neighbor as yourself, thou shalt not lie, cheat, steal, or break any laws. Yet, by elevating the letter of the law Conservatives put a stumbling block in front of their followers and leaders; both stumble in accordance to their beliefs. We each sow and reap according to our beliefs regardless of whether the beliefs themselves are right or wrong, black or white, in the Bible or not.

This is what Jesus was getting at when he pointed out that the Pharisees have made their followers twice the children of hell. Hell is not a place, hell is a state of being stuck in the wrong beliefs about yourself. Jesus came to save you from that so that in the next iteration you are not enslaved to epigenetic beliefs.

Note: It's incorrect to assume that I'm a Christian. What I am is a polymath with a keen gift for analysis. I do not need a second iteration, thus I do extremely well at things I've never done before by employing my gift. I hold out hope that philosophers, theologians and physicists will realize how invaluable it is to know what one's true, core beliefs are by applying the 'gravity of beliefs'. When they do they will see everything anew and solve problems currently stunted by misbeliefs.