How To Treat Sluts

Eager to test Jesus in a morality/obedience trap, his fellows Jews knew just the person to test him with: the local slut. They knew where to find her, and so grabbed her in the middle of coitus and brought her to Jesus who was scribbling in the dirt.

Jesus didn't look up, so he continued scribbling in the dirt. The men didn’t get the message, so they mansplained it, saying they caught the slut red-handed (lie) and the law says she should be stoned (true). Jesus continues to scribble in the dirt for a few moments. Once again they didn’t get the message, so Jesus explained it as blunt as possible.

“Go ahead then, see if I care. Go on, do it. There’s rocks right here that will do the job. You want the really big rocks, don’t you? Well, they’re over there, all I’ve got are these small rocks, but I’m guessing that they’re the same size as your hearts, and yet bigger than your testicles.

“That’s what I thought. You confuse being morally virtuous and obedience with love. Did any of you ask this woman why she does what she does? We're any of you personally harmed by her actions? Where is her husband by the way. Is he here with you? And what of the man she was having sex with—why didn’t you bring him also—is he not also an adulterer in your eyes?

“You do not perceive the degree of blindness that you are experiencing. You are blind to the fact that sin is believing the wrong things about yourself. If you believe you cannot do right unless there are laws you can blindly obey, then you will not perceive that there is only one law to follow: love your neighbors as yourself.”

The men dropped the woman in front of Jesus in disgust and stalked off as he continued to scribble in the dirt. The trembling woman shifted in front of him and bent down to look at Jesus face. She had heard of him, and was told her was ugly in a mesmerizing way. Still she gasped when he lifted his eyes to meet her. But then he spoke in the most beautiful voice. She heard it with her ears, inside her mind, and within her heart. Holy trinity right before her, soothingly calm and then she heard straight from the source.

“No longer believe in the false things you believe will give you what you believe you need, for they cannot satisfy you the way that surrendering to your divinity can. You were born perfect, yet choose to believe in lies just like the men who brought you here.

“Although cover your soul in shame it still shines for me. I do not judge you as those men do, but show you that every day you must choose to surrender to your divinity and trust. Do not set your mind on matters of the mind. Set them on being who you were created as. As you step away, make sure with each step that you are walking in your divinity.”

Below the southern edge of the White Rim, Canyonlands, Utah!

Below the southern edge of the White Rim, Canyonlands, Utah!